About Topaz Bots

Posted by Carter on 14/12/21

What is Topaz Bots?

Topaz Bots is a web application designed to simplify the creation and management of "reddit -> twitter mirror bots."

What are these bots:

The best way to describe these "mirror" bots is with an example - like with @r_memes_. Topaz Bots is running for this account. As you can see, all of the posts are mirrored from the rising section of the r/memes subreddit.

That's it!

How does it work?

When created, each bot is spun up as a docker instance. This means each bot is malleable, and the docker image it's created from takes seconds to start up and shut down, whilst retaining the data for each indervidual bot. This is why you are able to instatly stop / start your bots.

The website backend is almost entirely Flask, with Auth0 for login management and Stripe for payment processing - Whereas the frontend of the website is Bootstrap 4.

The bot logic features Docker for containerisation, Flask for internal REST API's, along with MariaDB to tie everything together.