Create a reddit -> twitter mirror bot in minutes


Don't waste time making your own posts. Mirror from one of 1.2 Million subreddits for posts suitable to grow your community. Reach your audience with hashtags and advanced management.

Join 100+ Creators and Businesses similar to you.

Manage from any device

Responsive layout and powerful interfaces allow you to manage your bots from anywhere.

Containerised Hosting

This allows you to create, modify or destroy instances of bots in seconds.


Your bot will be running 24/7 with our downtime mitigation

Responsive Statistics

Graphs are created automatically within your bot's dashboard so you can observe the posts every day.

Build audiences that match your goals

Capture your audience and start building a follower base. *image from socialblade

Beautiful Dashboard

Bot status, recent posts and more can all be viewed for each bot in a live-updating dashboard.


Topaz Bots is quite new, so there isn't a lot of bots yet - however r_memes_ is one of the most succcessful bots so far created on Topaz Bots.

Topaz Bots currently supports text, images, videos and GIF posts, however be careful when enabling text posts as they may get cut-off due to twitters 280 character limit.

At the end of the billing period, your extra bots will be put into a "suspended" state when they will be paused until you either upgrade your account again, or delete them.

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